Spanish Artists in Doha

Tomás Baleztena will be exposing his work as part of the exhibition “Spanish Artists in Doha”, the 20th of January 2020 at 7 PM, at Katara Cultural Village building N47.


Tomás Baleztena is a fine artist born in Madrid with Spanish and British heritage. He studied fine art at Middlesex University in London and the Complutense University of Fine Arts in Madrid.

His work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery of London, National Gallery of Aberdeen and other prestigious venues and galleries around the world.

He has also been selected to take part in some of the most distinguished painting and drawing awards such as the BP Award, the BMW Painting Award and the Penagos Drawing Award. Tomás currently has works in select collections in Europe and the US.

Baleztena has a strong expressionist aura in his work, his paintings have a powerful psychological intensity which takes you directly to the soul of the subject.

Photo by Cristina Macaya