Tomás Baleztena (Madrid, 1975) is a fine artist born in Madrid with Spanish and British heritage. He studied Fine Arts at Middlesex University in London and the Complutense University in Madrid.

His early recognition came in 2002 as a selected artist in the prestigious Penagos Drawing Award of the MAPFRE Foundation, and then the London BP Portrait Award.

From 2000 to 2004 he worked as a professor of Fine Arts and Form Analisys at the IB67 Academy of Architecture in Madrid.

In 2006 he received the Mantero Award in Italy, and in 2007 he was selected for the second National Award of the María José Jové Foundation in La Coruña (Spain), and selected for the XXII edition of the BMW Painting Award.

His work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Gallery of Aberdeen as well as other prestigious cultural institutions, venues and galleries around the world. His international training and experience at this level gives his art work a sophisticated character.


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About his work

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About his work

Baleztena presents a clear commitment to an artwork that draws the gesture of the landscape, the figures in their environment and its expressive air. His use of  brush stroke and colour captures the landscape, the interiors and the figure as an innate flâneur of the Belle Époque, internalizing a bohemian atmosphere and powerful decadence, yet still inantley elegant.

Few current artists are inspired by this legacy of the modern painter. A dreamy and melancholic gaze that can entail an existential drama that is still highly topical today.


2007 – Selected for the XXII BMW Painting Award (Madrid, Spain).

2007 – Selected for the 2nd National Award for Painting, Fundación María José Jove (La Coruña, Spain).

2006 – Selected for the Mantero Award (Como, Italy).

2002 – Selected for the BP Portrait Award 2002, National Portrait Gallery (London, UK).

2002 – Selected for the Penagos Drawing Award, Fundación MAPFRE (Madrid, Spain). 

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Individual exhibitions

2022 – ‘Arcadia’, Galería Espacio Valverde, Madrid (España).

2018 – ‘Landscapes & Interiors’, Gallery Maison Assouline, Londres (Reino Unido).

2001 – ‘Atmósfera’, Galería Alcobía, San Lorenzo del Escorial Madrid (España).

2000 – ‘Noche Madrileña’, Estudio Fuentes, Madrid (España).

1998 – ‘Ambientes Nocturnos’, Estudio Fuentes, Madrid (España).

Collective exhibitions

2020 – ‘Spanish Artists in Doha’, Katara Cultural Village (Doha, Catar).

2014 – ‘Tempo’, Galería Modus Operandi, Madrid (España).

2013 – ‘Exposición de Navidad’, Galería Ministerio de Asuntos Importantes, Madrid (España).

2013 – ‘Noviembre, mes de los muertos’, Galería Ministerio de Asuntos Importantes, Madrid (España).

2013 – ‘Art Works’, Kennebunkport Festival, River Tree Arts, Kennebunk (Maine, EEUU).

2013 – ‘Winter Scenes’, Maine Art Gallery, Kennebunk (Maine, EEUU).

2012 – ‘Portland’, Flat Iron Gallery, Portland (Maine, EEUU).

2008 – ‘Espacios. 7 Realistas’, Galería Ansorena, Madrid (España).

2006 – ‘Mantero Award Exhibition’, Como (Italia).

2004 – ‘Exposición Fundación Tierra de Hombres’, Sevilla (España).

2002 – ‘Exposición Premio Penagos’, Fundación Mapfre, Madrid (España).

2002 – ‘BP Award exhibition’, National Gallery de Aberdeen (Reino Unido).

2002 – ‘BP Award exhibition’, National Portrait Gallery, Londres (Reino Unido).

1998 – ‘4 artistas’, Galería Margarita Summers, Madrid (España).

1998 – ‘Diálogos’, Galería Claudio Coello 16, Madrid (España).

1997 – ‘Desamparados’ Exposición MPDL, Sala Ateneo, Madrid (España).

1996 – ‘Art students exhibition’, Middlesex University, Londres (Reino Unido).

Art fairs

2021 – A R C O, Galería Espacio Valverde. 

2011 – Ghent Art Fair, Ghent (Belgium).

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Press / TV

Tomás Baleztena’s work has been reviewed in some of the most prevalent names in Media.

These are the appearances in the national and international press that allow us to get to know the artist better and delve into his work.


20 MINUTOS. Photo Gallery. ‘Los jardines más icónicos de Madrid a través de la mirada del pintor Tomás Baleztena’.



EL MUNDO. Crónica story. ‘Pinturas del confinamiento’.

THE FALL. ‘Revolutionary’ story.

VANITAS. ‘El confinamiento del artista Tomás Baleztena’ story.

THE LOCAL. ‘Lockdown series’ story.

– Several articles in the Qatari press about the exhibition ‘Spanish artists in Doha’.


I-M Magazine. ‘Tomás Baleztena at Maison Assouline’ story.

London TV. Tomás Baleztena’s interview.


Hunger TV. ‘Tomás Baleztena’s oil paintings are an antidote to over stimulation’ story.


ABC. Reportaje ‘La Navidad, según Tomás Baleztena, en el Ministerio de Asuntos Importantes’.


Vanidad. Artículo ‘Dos miradas contrapuestas del arte’. 


TVE. Programa Días de Cine (06/10/2011).

TVE. Programa Días de Cine (29/09/2011).

EL MUNDO. Tomás Baleztena’s interview by Carmelo Gómez (09/07/2011).

Diario de Navarra. Artículo ‘Dos navarros en la Feria del Toro de San Isidro’.

El Comercio. Artículo ‘Baleztena o la intensidad’ (27/01/2011).

Specialized publications

‘500 PORTRAITS’. 25 Years of the BP Portrait Award.

‘Entender de arte y antigüedades. Guía práctica del coleccionista’, by Jose Miguel Carrillo de Albornoz and Princess Beatriz of Orleans.


– ‘El espectro del romanticismo en el arte y la literatura’, Panel Chair at the Museo Nacional del Romanticismo, Madrid (Spain).

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